Siser TTDH High Tack Mask Carrier Roll

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One 12in x 59in Roll of TTDH High Tack Mask. This is a carrier roll on a backing, for use with printed heat transfer vinyls, reusing HTV scraps, or placing multicolor HTV designs.

The roll may be bubbled up/ imperfectly applied on the backing. This will not affect its use, as it must be transfered to an HTV anyway. This product is non-returnable.

Only 100% genuine Siser product is used. Size tolerance is +/- 1/4in on the width and 1in on the length.  

This product also available in sheets here

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TTD High Tack Mask

The increased tack allows the transfer tape to firmly grip the print and cut material, which prevents wrinkling and warping, during the masking process, and reduces the amount of burnishing required. A warm peel keeps the application process quick and simple so you can create more products faster. The high tack level allows you to get more uses out of the product as well. TTD High Tack is clear and thin, so you can accurately place the material on the garment.

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      12in x 59in
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      8 oz
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