12in x 15ft Rolls

The products in this category are 12in by 15ft (or longer if listed as such) with a +/- width tolerance of 1/4in and 3in per 15ft of length.  These tolerances represent less than a 1% variance in both directions.  Rolls purchased from this category will come either individual OR may be combined into larger rolls at our discretion based on stock levels and minimizing shipping costs.  If you have specific needs in regards to your rolls being combined or not you need to contact us prior to your order being processed.  There are other sizes available one category up.

NEW POLICY EFFECTIVE 4/13/18: If you order three or more of the 15ft Glitter, or 30ft or larger rolls from any category, we may use smaller sized cores at our discretion to help reduce package size. This allows us to fit more into standard box sizes and reduces the chance of excess shipping not covered by our Free Shipping option per the Shipping Policy If you would prefer the rolls to stay on the factory sized 3 inch cores, please let us know in your notes on the checkout page.  Please note that this will make it more likely that excess shipping will need to be invoiced. Smaller cores are not available to be requested at this time as we have to convert them by hand. 

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